Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload an image to the site ?

At the top of each page, on the left is a button "Add". The touch of a button will open a new page where you can add a picture or a few pictures and your description.

What is important to fill in order the badge will be published on the site ?

Must add at least one image, select a category, write a summary (name) of the badge, shape and picture properties.

Why do I have to write picture properties ?

Picture properties are necessary to perform accurate search in the database.
The unique search engine allows precise search without knowing the badge's identity, only by external characteristics. This optimizes the search results and allows successful identification.

I'm not familiar with the badge. How I can identify it ?

At the top of every page of the site appears search button. If you know which country or category the badge belongs, select a category and click on the search button. Immediately window will opened with search results and advanced search options. In advanced search you can enter external characteristics of the symbol.

How do I build my collection list ?

Under the picture of all badges on our site there are several small buttons. The most right button with a "+" sign is a button that adds  badge to the user's collection list. Clicking again removes it from collection.

Why each badge has a price?

At this stage, the badges are Not for Sale. The price is just more information about the icon as size and its production years. Many people who are looking for identification of a badge, want to know it's price.

How can I trade or swap badges ?

Under the picture of all badges on our site there are several small buttons. The icon that looks like a bookmark is for marking badges that user wants to see in his collection. The middle button is for marking badges that user wants to trade/swap.
Our computer system does comparisons between "trade" lists and "I want" lists  and writes messages to users when there is a match. Upon receipt of such notice, please contact the other user and complete the trade.


Blog published on: 20/08/2019

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