AllBadges site renewal

Join us on this project renovating web site. Together we will add to the site option of selling and buying. Every user will have possibility to sell and to buy badges. Let's make it more innovative and accessible !

The purpose of the current upgrade is to allow site visitors to sell and buy badges.

In the current upgrade, users will be able to:

  • Sell pins and other items
  • Use our platform to buy from other collectors
  • Run a personal shop

Our goal is to allow our users to sell and buy like on e-bay with addition of biggest database and smart search engine.

In addition, we are building an elaborate interface that will allow an even more sophisticated search, more friendly collection management and more options.

We invite you to endorse our project. Only with your help we can upgrade our web site.


Blog published on: 20/08/2019

AllBadges site renewal

You are already familiar with the AllBadges site. Join us to turn it into a place where you can sell your badges !

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