Book on ALL the insignia worn by the Belgian Para-Commandos since 1945. It covers all units (existing and disbanded) and also two complex organization of the Para-Commandos in the last two decades – i.e. units partly para-commando qualified.
The book contains 191 pages in full color and describes over 500 different insignia. Next to the typical para-commando insignia, the introduction will cover some uniforms and other insignia too, so it becomes 100% clear how the Belgian army has worn its insignia in the early days after WWII and how it is done now. The book is written in English. It is printed on high quality paper and protected by plastic sheets both at the front and the back.

About the author:
Alain Conradi, retired military, and collector of worldwide elite forces qualification insignia. He inherited a part of his collection from his late father, to whom this book is dedicated. For any further questions, please contact at or look up at Facebook.


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