T.A.S.C. hat badge

Price: 250 - 350 $

Undocumented "Noter" badge: unique in design for a number of reasons - legend in English and Hebrew, bears the Royal Crown but makes no reference to the Palestine Police; in darkened tombak with double-pronged back; not maker-marked.

Note the odd exaggerated shape of the Crown top. The letters "TASC" are sometimes referred to as "Tel Aviv Security Company" in collector literature (which could justify the Hebrew-only accompanying legend, which reads "Guarding and Protection" / "Shmira u'Bitakhon") but in all probability this is not Tel Aviv related and is rather for the "Temporary Additional Security Constables" recruited formally as "Temporary Additional Constables".

I saw this type of badge on the visored white-and-blue hats worn by Tel Aviv security bodies and other uniformed Mandatory arms (like customs and excise), however still, as Tel Aviv was the chief "Hebrew" city and its police forces bore the municipal emblem, for this TASC emblem to have a unique Tel Aviv connection, I'd expect to see the municipal emblem on it.

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