PORTUGAL Army - Maintenance Company, Headquarters and Support Battalion, Commando Regiment pocket badge

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Curved aluminium construction.

After coming back from Angola and Guinea, Portuguese Commandos were reorganized into the Commando Regiment, which served in Portugal and in 1974–1993 included the following:

Commando Battalion 11 (BCmds 11) - included the commando companies (CCmds): 111, 112, 113 and 114. CCmds 113 was later deactivated;

Commando Battalion 12 (BCmds 12) - included the CCmds: 121, 122 and 123 (heavy weapons). CCmds 123 was deactivated in 1982; CCmds 131 was created later, also of heavy weapons. In this battalion was also integrated the Commando Company REDES (Raids and Destructions);

Commando Company 131 (heavy weapons) - created in 1982 as the initial company of the future Commando Battalion 13, which was never activated. It was latter deactivated;

Headquarters and Support Battalion (BCS/RCmds) - included: Headquarters and Services, Specialities Training, Maintenance and Transport and Resupply companies;

Training Battalion (BInstrução/RCmds) - included Training companies: 1st and 2nd;

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