Kurdish Veterans and Volunteers Association (KVAVA) - Service Pin

Price: 22 - 27 $

This is the official KVAVA Service Pin, this pin is for every veteran volunteer or individual that help to the cause of the Kurdish people in the Peshmarga the PKK medical Christian or protesting at rallies.

This pin is for any individual or official that has done something for the cause of the Kurdistan people and the Kurdish government.
Weather in individual protested against the crimes committed against the Kurds hosting a rally to support the Kurds, went to aid with medical assistance. Or went to help remove mines in the country help the refugees or serve in one of the military units or militias in Kurdistan this is the pin for you.

If you helped to take down Islamic state websites, speak up against terrorism and stand for the righteousness of the Kurdish people you are authorized to wear this Pin.

The eagle represents freedom, the sun represents the Peshmarga and all active military units, the red star represents PKK YPG YPJ. The reef represents the motherland the AK’s represent the weapons that was used by the Kurdish military and units that fought against the Islamic state.
It is also made with only the Kurdish colors.

A portion of the sale were donated to the refugee Kurds in Syria due to the actions of the Turkish military.

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