Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - Service Pin

Price: 45 - 55 $

Chrome, Enamel, Solid, Red, Yellow, Green, Pin
This is the official PKK YPG YPJ Guerrilla warfare Badge for fighting in Iraq and Syria. This badge is for anybody that has served or trained with the PKK the YPG or the YPJ.

These badges are soon to be handed out to commanders and soldiers in the region.

These badges are official and custom-made they are not made from cheap tin or plastic, they are made with hard enamel they have good weight to them they are professionally cut and created.

This badge is for the service in fighting against the Islamic state or ISIS.

If you support the Kurds to Peshmarga the PKK YPG YPJ then this badge is also for you.
A portion of the sales were donated to first aid food and other supplies for the refugees in Syria due to the invasion of turkey against the Kurds.

Reef Green for the motherland.
Lightning bolt for quick action and representation of the yezidi sun.
Black AK47 weapon of choice.
Dagger to fight until the end.
Red star for the blood of the people/and for the belief of brotherhood and sisterhood.
They measure 1 1/2 X 2 inches

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