Large Collection of Pins – Youth Movements and Various Youth Organizations

Price: 100 - 0 $

Collection of approx. 110 pins – youth movements and various youth organizations.
The collection includes:
• Numerous pins of Israeli youth movements, mostly of HaShomer HaTZa'ir, HaNo'ar HaOved veHaLomed and Machanot HaOlim.
• A number of pins of other youth movements, including Gordonia, HaBonim, Habacharut HaSotzialistit, HaNo'ar HaZioni and more.
• "Bne Amal", pin of the young group of Brit HaNo'ar HaComunisti HaIsraeli.
• Pins of urban youth organizations.
• Pin of an Arab-Jewish youth camp in Acre.
• A number of pins of religious youth organizations.
• Pins of savings plans for youth in Haifa and in Tel-Aviv.
• More.
Size and condition vary. A number of pins appear in multiple copies.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

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