Collection of GADNA Pins

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Collection of approx. 50 GADNA (Gedude No'ar Ivri) pins, including pins of central GADNA organizations and secondary GADNA organizations on behalf of the various IDF Forces.
The collection includes:
โ€ข Pins with the emblem of GADNA organization.
โ€ข GADNA pins โ€“ target shooting, scuba diving and teleprocessing.
โ€ข "Patrolman Badge".
โ€ข Pin โ€“ GADNA farm in the Arava, Be'er Ora.
โ€ข Pins with stickers: "Convention of GADNA Squad Commanders, Hanukkah 1974".
โ€ข More.
Numerous pins appear in multiple copies. Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

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