Seven Pins – "HAGA" During the Mandate – Pin Designed by Krechmer / IDF Pins

Price: 150 - 0 $

Seven pins – "Haga" (Civil Defense) and various IDF units.
Among the items:
• Enamel plated pin with the legend "A.R.P." [Air Rid Precautions]. A star in the center of the pin, with the legend "E.I."(Eretz Israel) in the center. The designer is signed on the back: "Krechmer".
• Pin of the unit "Matzof 247", Mount Scopus guarding unit – symbol with a porcupine and the number "13"; surrounded by crossed rifles.
• Two pins with a steering wheel and olive tree branches around it ("Good Driver" badge).
• Pin in the shape of a shield with a lion on it (symbol of the Central command) on the background of a tower.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

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