Six Pins – Haganah – Pins of "Alexandroni" Brigade and more Pins

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Six pins of Haganah forces. Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Petach Tikva and other locations in Palestine.
• Pins of "Haganah Member Tel-Aviv", "Haganah Member Petach Tikva", "Haganah Haifa".
• Three pins of "Alexandroni"Brigade forces: "Haganah HaShomron" and "Gad District".

On each of the pins appears a variation of the "Haganah "emblem". Two of the pins are numbered on the back.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

מכירה 11- מעל 300סמלים במחירים נוחים לכל אספן

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