Two Pins – Jewish Ghetto Police / Jewish Police in Landsberg Displaced Persons Camp

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1. Cap badge of the Jewish Ghetto Police. [Poland? 1940s].
Hexagonal pin, partly colored in blue. In the center appears a Star of David and at the margins appears the name of the unit in German and in Polish – ""Ordnungsdienst, Sluzba porzadkow"".
The Jewish Ghetto Police were units of auxiliary-police founded by Nazi order in Ghettoes and certain settlements in German occupied zones during World War II.
30X44 mm.
2. Pin of the Jewish Police in Landsberg Displaced Persons Camp. [ca. 1945].
A pin in the shape of a shied, with a Star of David on a blue-white background. On top and bottom margins appears the legend: ""D.P. Police, Landsberg/L"".
Approx. 30X44 mm.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

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