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The Wessex Brigade was an administrative formation of the British Army from 1948 to 1968. The Brigade administered the regular infantry regiments of the Wessex area of south and south west England.
The Wessex Brigade was formally formed at Exeter on October 28, 1948 and combined the depots of the following regiments:
The Devonshire Regiment
The Gloucestershire Regiment
The Royal Hampshire Regiment
The Dorsetshire Regiment renamed as The Dorset Regiment in 1951
The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)
From 1958 all regiments in the Brigade adopted a common cap badge consisting of the Wessex wyvern on a plinth inscribed Wessex.
On 1 July 1968 the Wessex Brigade was united with the Welsh and Mercian Brigades, to form the Prince of Wales's Division.

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  • שנת יצור 1958 - 1968
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