French Foreign Legion 2nd Armor Engines Repair Company pocket badge

מחיר מומלץ: 100 - 200 $

2e Compagnie de Reparation d'Engins Blindes de Legion Etrangere (2 CREBLE)
The Company was created on 1st July 1951 with the mission of removal, repair and maintenance of light and heavy armored vehicles inc armored Amphibious vehicles, The company was based in Haiphong. A mobile section of the company was based in Dien Bien Phu where it built the Chaffee tanks that were brought in by pieces by air transport. The company was dissolved on the 31st December 1955.
The badge was created in 1951 and was made by Drago Paris Nice 43 rue Olivier Metra Depose with officers badges made in Silver, also a locally made example exists.
Thanks to Andi Mitchell for the information

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