Collection of Pins – "Ot HaSport" and "Ot HaTzemach" Pins Awarded to High-school Students / Pins from an Israeli Geography Convention / World Bible Contest Pins

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Varied collection of pins, most of them are prizes for achievement in different areas, including pins awarded to high-school students, and more.
Among the pins:
• 22 pins "Ot HaSport" (Sports Badge) pins with the legend "Hazak veNitchazak"; some are inscribed "Excellent". "Ot HaSport" pins were awarded to high-school students at the end of the year with a certificate indicating their athletic achievements.
• Two "Ot HaTzemach" (Plant Badge) pins from the years 1947-1948. "Ot HaTzemach" pins were awarded to school pupils as a prize for identifying plants.
• Pins from the convention for Israeli geography from the years 1967-1969.
• Two "World Bible Contest for Jewish Youth" pins.
• Two "Climbing Mount Meron" pins,
• "Badge of Excellency – long-distance running" pin.
• "Winner of Kaplan Prize" pins.
Total of 35 items. Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

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