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Pins, Cap Badge and a Plaque – "First Judeans" Jewish Battalion

Цена: 200 - 0 $

Pins, cap badge and a plaque with the emblem of the Jewish Brigade battalion "First Judeans". Ca. 1918-1919.
1-2. Cap badge and a pin with the emblem of the "First Judeans" (a Menorah and the battalion's motto "Kadima").
3. Round pin, decorated. In the center appears the emblem of the "First Judeans", and the legend 1918-1919, surrounded by the legend "Jewish Battalions, Palestine, for our people and our nation" (Hebrew). Signed on the back "Yerushalem".
4. Small plaque with the emblem of the "First Judeans".
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.


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