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Palmach 'Harel Brigade' War of Independence commemorative tallion

Цена: 150 - 200 $

Palmach Harel Brigade combat commemoration tallion, circa. 1949; in cupro-nickel; weight: 10g; size: 3.1 x 3.55cm. Almost identical in size and weight to the 'medal' version of this momento (see item 0130112) except the obverse lacks the apparent designer's initials (G. and Tz. in Hebrew letters, in the exergue) - judging by some differences in the letter sizing, this tallion was made from a different die to the aforementioned medal.
Obverse bears the emblem of the Harel Brigade surmounted by ceremonial grape vine wreath; on reverse a list of 10 military operations that the Brigade participated in (the convoys, Mount Zion/Har Tzion, Nachshon, Nativ Harel, operation Harel, operation Danny, operation Yevusi/Jebusite, operation HaHar, operation Macabbi, operation Horev) above an image of a fortified emplacement (possibly Latrun - which the Brigade did not succeed in conquering).

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