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The Qatamon Medal

Цена: 250 - 400 $

One of the first medals awarded to Israel Army personnel. Struck in May of 1948 and presented in July of 1949 to those soldiers who took part in the conquest of the Qatamon suburb of Jerusalem. In the center the Citadel of David and the Jewish Agency Building, around the rim in Hebrew "If I forget thee O Jersalem let my right hand be forgotten". The back of the medal reads in Hebrew: "for the conquest of Qatamon, Jerusalem, 22 Nisan Tashah (Hebrew date), 1.5.1948.

Silver as well as bronze species of the medal exist, the silver medal has a 28mm diameter, the size of the bronze medal may be identical, but data lack.

The medal was probably connected to a blue/white ribbon. Soon after the medals were awarded, the IDF withdraw recognition of the medal.

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