Vilnius Correction House (old)

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Correction House was established under the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic's Order No. 13 of September 2nd, 1944, of the Ministry of Interior (LSSR OMI) and it started to operate on 10 September 1944. Institution was accommodated in the Visitandines (Salesian sisters) Cloister, located in the Rasu street No. 6 in Vilnius.
Penal institutions were transferred from the jurisdiction of The Department of Correction Affairs under the Ministry of Interior to the Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania under the Resolution No. 963 of August 24th, 2000, of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
On 1st May of 2003 present Code of the Execution of Penalties of the Republic of Lithuania came into force and Vilnius 2nd correctional labor colony of strict regime was named Vilnius Correction House No. 2.
All these years the institution was using Cloister's buildings, which belong to Vilnius archbishopric. Only in 2006 of December 18 inmates were resettled from these buildings, located in Rasu street No. 6, to newly renovated buildings, located in Rasu street No. 8. Meanwhile Visitandines Cloister and other buildings were returned to rightful owners.
2010 on 4th of October Vilnius Correction House No. 2 was reorganize and from 31st of December 2010 was named Vilnius Correction House.

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