SLOVAK REPUBLIC Army (Special Forces) Parachutist wings, Class- 3

מחיר מומלץ: 20 - 30 $

Slovakian Army (Special Forces) Parachutist badge adopted in late 1993. There are six badges in the Slovakian Army parachute badge series. There is a basic (no number), 3, 2, 1, Instructor and Master class designations. This badge has a large screw post on the reverse with a round metal nut.

3rd class – 5 parachute jumps: 1st jump—no combat equipment; 2d jump—use of a reserve parachute; 3rd jump—full combat equipment; 4th jump—a night parachute jump; and 5th jump—a tactical exercise where the jumpers have to regroup and then assault an objective.

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