French Foreign Legion 13th Demi Brigade 2nd Works Company pocket badge

מחיר מומלץ: 80 - 200 $

2e Compagnie de Travaux de la 13 DBLE insigne.
The 2nd Works Company of the 13 DBLE badge. The company was created in Algeria and debarked in the Cote française des Somalis (CFS) on the 11th March 1962, it was located near Obock in a base that it built and named after legendary 13 DBLE Commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Amilakvari. The company moved to Arta on the 22 January 1968 and in 1969 it was dissolved. The company was "reborn" in February 1970 at camp Gabode. In 1978 the 2 CT becomes the 2 CAT (compagnie d'appuis et de travaux) and is reinforced with two sections, one of six 120mm Mortars and another with eight Milan guided missile systems.
The badge was created in 1976 and made by FIA Lyon and was numbered and non numbered examples. Silver examples and gold plated silver (Vermeil) examples were also issued.

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