French Foreign Legion 38th Dump Truck company pocket badge, type 1

מחיר מומלץ: 200 - 300 $

38e Compagnie de Camion Bennes badge.
The 38 Dump Truck company was created on the 1st July 1947 and commanded by Captain Perotte originally with 4 officers, 9 NCOs and 128 legionnaires. The mission of the company was the maintenance of the roads on the Route Colonials in the Tonkin Delta which were sabotaged regularly, almost daily by the Vietminh, the left the company with a high casualty rate in losses due to mines and ambushes. By early 1954 most Legionnaires had left the unit (some volunteered to be dropped into Dien Bien Phu) others joined other units that were stripped of their staff for reinforcements for Dien Bien Phu, so a new badge was created in 1954 without the legion grenade.
The badge was created in 1947 and made by Drago Paris 25 Rue Beranger, Drago Paris Nice 43 Rue Olivier Metra, Drago Paris Nice 3 Rue de Romainville. Silver examples were issued for officers. Also locally made examples were produced.
Thanks to Andy Mitchell for the information.

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