French Foreign Legion 26th Engineer Battalion pocket badge

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26e Bataillon du Genie badge
The 26th Battalion of Engineers was formed on the 1st October 1952 with the main body of troops coming from the dissolved 16 CEG, The battalion was based in Saigon and consisted of three companies. The Battalion operated in Cochinchina, Cambodia and Annam, the battalion only started leaving Saigon in early 1956 and were then dissolved on the 15th March 1956, the same day the Legionnaires boarded the Pasteur with the II/5REI for the journey home.
The badge was created in 1952 by Chef de Bataillon Bourgeois and was made by Drago Paris Nice 43 Rue Olivier Metra with Silver examples made for officers.
Thanks to Andy Mitchell for the information.

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