French Foreign Legion 22nd Engineer Battalion pocket badge

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22e Bataillon du Genie badge
The 22nd battalion of Engineers was created on the 1st November 1952 with the main body of troops coming from the disbanded 15 CEG, the battalion was based in Haiphong and has two companies eventually growing to 475 troops and 4 companies which operate in the Tonkin delta. The 22 BG was the Battalion that dropped the bulldozers into Dien Bien Phu, along with several legionnaires who operated and maintained the bulldozers, several other legionnaires from the battalion jumped into the inferno as volunteers in the later stages of the epic Dien Bien Phu.
The battalion was finally disbanded on the 28th February 1955.
The badge was created in 1953 by Chef de Bataillon Sindezingue. The badge was made by Arthus Bertrand Paris with approval number G 1026. Examples with straight maker mark or arced maker mark on the back exist.
Thanks to Andy Mitchell for the information.

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