French Foreign Legion 16th Engineer Maintenance Company pocket badge, type 2

מחיר מומלץ: 40 - 60 $

16e Compagnie d'Entretien du Genie Type II badge (16CEG) Indochine
The company was created in France in November 1945 for service in Indochina and was commanded by Captain Wagon, it debarked at Saigon on the 8th February 1946 and was based in the port of Saigon and operates a lot of the port infrastructure from driving trucks to operating cranes and also as mechanics on the machinery of the port, they also learned how to operate the landing craft and supplied many legionnaires as crews for the Landing Craft. The company operated in Cochinchine, Annam and Cambodia
The 16 CEG was dissolved on the 30th September 1952 and became the main element of the 26 Bat du Genie.
The 16 Maintenance Engineering Company Type II badge was created sometime after 1950 and made by Drago Paris Nice 43 Rue Olivier Metra with Silver examples made for Officers.
Thanks to Andy Mitchell for the information.

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