JAPAN Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) - 8th Division (Infantry), Transportation units sleeve patch

Price: 10 - 15 $

(Japanese: ็ฌฌ8ๅธซๅ›ฃ)
Silk embroidery on cloth base.

The 8th Division is one of nine active divisions of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The division is subordinated to the Western Army and is headquartered in Kumamoto. Its responsibility is the defense of the Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Miyazaki prefectures.

The division was raised on 18 January 1962.

  • Category patches
  • Wearing sleeve badge/patch
  • number Picture components
  • Caption
  • Shape shield
  • Material cloth
  • Size 60×70 mm
  • Maker
  • Period 1962 -
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