235th Aerial Weapons Company 2nd Platoon DEATH DEALERS patch

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The 235th Aviation Company arrived at Dempsey Compound at Can Tho in September 1967. The 235th was assigned to the 1st Aviation Brigade, 164th Combat Aviation Group, 307th Combat Aviation Battalion. The 235th received "C" Model Huey Helicopters and After in-country orientation the 235th Aviation Company was designated as the 235th Aerial Weapons Company. The 235th was the first Gunship Company to be converted to the AH-1G Cobras.
The 235th was an all-Cobra company helicopter gunship which reflected the idea that a Cobra helicopter gunship was some kind of airborne weapons platform. And, apparently, like artillery, a Cobra was to be used to shoot at targets only from a distance.
The 235th stood-down in January 1972 after having served almost Five Years in country.

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