CANADA Maritime Command pocket badge, pre-1986, obsolete

Price: 12 - 18 $

Hot enamels. Four clutch pins to the reverse.

In 1968, under the Liberal government of Lester B. Pearson, the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Army were amalgamated to form the unified Canadian Forces. The controversial merger resulted in the abolition of the Royal Canadian Navy as a separate legal entity. All personnel, ships, and aircraft became part of Maritime Command (MARCOM), an element of the Canadian Armed Forces. The traditional naval uniform was eliminated and all naval personnel were required to wear the new Canadian Armed Forces rifle green uniform, adopted also by former Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Army personnel.

On 16 August 2011, the government renamed the Canadian Forces' three environmental services: Maritime Command became the "Royal Canadian Navy", Air Command the "Royal Canadian Air Force," and Land Force Command the "Canadian Army."

  • Category pins
  • Wearing breast badge
  • anchor, bird, eagle Picture components
  • Caption
  • Shape shield
  • Material
  • Size 38×48 mm
  • Maker William Scully
  • Period - 1986
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